Fall in the City

November 19, 2017

It’s not good! I doodle it and I start again. I re-read it. I don’t like how it sounds! I grab the paper and I transform it into a perfect ping-pong ball. I would like to write in such a way so you can feel my emotion and my happiness while reading these lines. I missed writing! I missed making a fuss about the photo shooting! I missed blogging in the true sense of the word!


Last Sunday I shoot the look you are seeing in these photos. We were blessed with a perfect winter sun and few people on the streets. Yey! Between us, I focus harder when I’m shooting something and people stare at me from their balcony or when they pass by puzzled and I read their faces and know what they are thinking about. (smiling)

The accessorizing and the styling mean everything to me. A pair of black denim trousers, washed-out, and a male shirt can make a chic and feminine look if you choose the perfect accessories. Either you choose to wear it with a long V-neck embroided jacket, either you add a fake fur collar and trousers chain, you can’t go wrong with none of these two options.

I hope that the outfit that I chose inspired you and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback! Big hug and a wonderful week!

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