December 19, 2017

As you probably have heard or read, ultra-violet is now, officially, the color of the 2018. I was a bit surprised but, hey,  if the Pantone institute decided, then that’s it!

I don’t have many clothes on this color because I’m not a big fan of it. (smiling) In spite of this, I wanted to create an outfit including  it, an outfit that fits my personality. I had in my mind a lot of leather and purple and this is what I made!

I took one of my old leather jackets and cut the sleeves. I’m sure that not many of you noticed this and that’s because I’m a master of do it yourself projects. (smiling) I love doing this because it’s really easy and I feel that I’m 100% original!

What do you think about the “ultra-violet” as being the color of the year that is about to come? Write your opinion in the comment and let me know because I’m really curious to find out!


Luv, luv, luv and lots of kisses!

 Wish you all a wonderful week!





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